Water Supply Issue Resolved

The system that supplies water to the Community Center (CC) and to homes near the top of the mountain has been leaking water into the ground for quite some time. Efforts to locate the leak - unsuccessful until now - have necessitated that, on occasion, the water to the CC (and the connected homes) be shut off, causing inconvenience to those using the facility.

Very recently, the magnitude of the leak increased to the point where several hundred gallons of water were being lost every 4 hours (!). The ground could no longer absorb that amount of water and for the first time it began to appear on the surface, finally pinpointing the source.

Specifically, the problem was at the site of the water hydrant in the "island" opposite the entrance to the CC. A repair has been performed by the Creston Maintenance Committee and the leakage has stopped. There should be no future need to shut off the water supply to any associated buildings.

Note that the hydrant might not be re-installed; if not, there is an outdoor water 'bib' to the left of the mechanical room door on the lower level should anyone need water for their dogs, for landscaping activities, etc.

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