2019 Annual POA Meeting

Attendance combined with proxy representation at yesterday's annual POA meeting met quorum for items requiring a simple majority of eligible lots votes to pass {POA Board and changes to the Bylaws}. The three candidates for seats on the Board of Directors - Marilyn Augustine, Bobby Pecquet and John Tracy - were elected by acclamation. All 7 ballot items relating to Creston Bylaw changes were overwhelmingly approved. Unfortunately, representation fell 10% short of the number required to constitute a quorum for purposes of voting for those ballot items requiring 67% to pass {changes to Creston Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CCRs) and substantive changes to the Design Guidelines}. The new Board will need to decide whether to proceed with a mail-in vote, defer another vote on the proposed changes until the 2020 Annual Meeting or drop them. Two of the Board members had conflicts preventing them from participating in yesterday's meeting of the new Board where officers are normally elected, so three officer spots have yet to be filled. The positions of President and Vice President will be chosen by Board election once all 7 Board members can participate. As previously announced, Donna Drake will serve as the new Treasurer.

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