Road/slope Repair Activity Shifts Location

Due to wet soil at the big slope failure on Creston Drive just beyond Tanager Lane, repair activity has shifted to the failure site at the prior location of the lookout swing. Soil material there that is unsuitable for use as backfill behind the Great Wall (note all the debris in the photos) is being removed and deposited over the side of North Haven Drive just beyond the roundabout.

During this activity, it is likely that there will be occasional road blockages of short duration at both locations as trucks and other equipment maneuver about. Even if passage is possible, please be extremely cautious; make sure the machine operators see you and observe the 5 mph speed limit. Note, also, that during these operations, a lot of dirt ends up on the road at both the repair site on Creston Drive and at the dump site on North Haven. When the weather is wet like it is today (Monday, September 24), the dirt can make the road surface very slippery.

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