Repairs Update

As those that live on the mountain are aware, the Great Wall of Creston has reached its final height and has been backfilled. The single travel lane past the site has been shifted to the downhill (east) side of the roadbed, i.e. closer to the wall, and lowered as planned. The uphill (west) side of the roadbed will also be lowered to match, but not until Duke Power and Charter install new cables. Once that has been done, Creston Drive will revert to its former 2-lane width. But the really good news is that although the road at this new alignment remains only one lane wide at the moment, the previous weight restrictions that prevented construction equipment, heavy delivery vehicles, etc., from passing for more than 4 months have been rescinded!

Until Duke and Charter complete their work at this site, repair activities will shift to the former site of the lookout swing.

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