Trails Update

Thanks largely to the efforts of John Travers with assistance from the Nicholas and Zimmer family along with Becky Huck and Jan Waters, there is a new hiking trail to Adams Falls from the Triple Falls Sanctuary parking area. If you had not heard that latter term before, it is what we now call the area at the base of Moores Branch gravel road that provides access to Allison and Cub Falls. With this just-established access to Adams Falls, the new name is duly earned.

The new trail to Adams Falls is very short, only about 300 feet. It is a moderate up and back and is marked with signs and green arrows. It starts south of the parking area where the Falls Tail turns sharply right. The Trails committee will be installing a viewing bench at the top shortly. The committee also plans on adding steps for access to the pools at the base of Allison Falls, below the viewing platform. Meanwhile, Jan has added a belay rope you can use. If you do, please leave it coiled at the base of the tree where it originates. There will be a work party in the near future to improve access to the High Hollow Trail, another new addition to the trails network.

Sank Gap Trail has recently been cleared with just a bit of weed whacking left to do at the bottom. We plan to add steps to the steeper section in the next few weeks. All Crestonites, whether on the trails committee or not, are invited to bring hand shears or loppers on any hike to help keep mother nature in tow. It has been such a wet summer it is a “jungle out there,“ no pun intended.

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