Emergency Crossover Complete

The emergency vehicle crossover between Creston and Catawba Falls Preserve (CFP) has been built. It connects Kalmia Lane in Creston with Fugi Falls Trail in CFP. The sole purpose of the crossover is to allow for emergency egress from either community in the event that all normal routes are inaccessible or to allow emergency services (fire department, EMTs, police) to respond to an event via the quickest possible route. Therefore, the crossover is equipped with a cable across it to prevent its use for any other purpose.

The cable has a combination padlock on each end. The one on the left is labeled “CRESTON" and the one on the right is labeled “CATAWBA”. The former is set to the same code as the lock box at the Community Center (which all owners should know) and will not be shared with CFP owners (line up the four numbers and then push down on the hasp to open the lock). The other has a code assigned by CFP which will not be shared with us. Knowledge of either code is not a reason to unlock the cable for any reason other than those mentioned above. Under no circumstances should the code be shared with anyone who is not a Creston owner, including friends and renters. If you observe anyone using the crossover for any purpose other than an emergency, please notify CERT (crestoncert@gmail.com).

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