Great News about Creston's Gates!

Both of our gate projects were completed today! The rear gate that was damaged a few months ago, resulting in an extended period with unsecured access to Creston, has been fully repaired. Your fobs and key codes will again open that gate and, therefore, it has been restored to its normally-closed status. Keep in mind, though, that only residents on the south side of the Kestrel road damage site should use the rear gate, as Kestrel is blocked by a chain beyond Ironwood until further notice.

The really good news is that the old, problematic main gate operating system has been replaced with a more modern and full-featured mechanism. Most important of the new features is full compliance with a McDowell county ordinance that mandates that any mechanized gate like ours must open automatically if/when power is lost. The old system did not comply with that ordinance and could not be made compliant at any cost. Due to that limitation, a member of the maintenance team had to go to the gate and manually open it whenever power was lost and then close it when power was restored. Now the entire process is fully automated. Also, as everyone has noticed, the right half of the gate - as approached from below - has been opening very slowly for months. Now both sides open in synchronization (; YIPPEE!

Thanks to EVERYONE for their patience!

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