Storm Damage Repair Plan

As of July 16, the plans for repairs to our infrastructure due to the damage caused by the May rains are as described below. Photos of the progress with brief captions are added regularly to a photo gallery that can be found at

Creston Drive above Tanager Lane (this will be done concurrently with the swing repair described below)

  • Remove loose soil and rocks

  • Build a solid shelf for the new road base

  • Lower the road approximately 8 feet, beginning just after Tanager and bringing the road back to its original grade at the driveway for lot T-78 on the community center side of the road failure

  • Use a combination of concrete block and baskets to stabilize the road shoulder

  • Face the uphill slope (where the road was cut into embankment to make it passable) with a stone wall (natural or man-made product)

  • Road will be closed during the day on some days while the repair is taking place

  • Repave the road once complete

Creston Drive at swing (this will be done concurrently with the repair above Tanager Lane)

  • Remove the swing

  • Remove loose fill dirt until reaching a shelf which will be used to stabilize the slope; this will require relocating power and telephone cables

  • Use combination of concrete block and baskets to stabilize the slope

  • Build the area back to the original height

  • Creston Drive at the swing will become a one lane road during the repair

  • Once repaired, reinstall the swing if possible

Kestrel Lane

  • Remove excess fill in the catch basin (complete)

  • Repair shoulder on the downhill side of the road (method to be determined, options are being evaluated)

  • Move road closer to the catch basin to get on a more stable base

  • Repave the road once repair is complete


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