Creston Drive Blockage Today

Update @ 9:55 AM: The excavator is off Creston Drive. The road is now passable.

Update @ 9:40 AM: after a brief break (moving the lumber is major work), the excavator has passed the swing.

Update @ 9:18 AM: excavator has passed Nine Bark.

Update @ 8:30 AM: excavator has passed the roundabout, so vehicles can now traverse Creston Drive between there at the front gate. It appears that the complete transit might take significantly less time than projected.

Update @ 8:20 AM: movement has begun.

The excavator operator got a delayed departure this morning and will not arrive until about 7:45, so anyone who may wish to drive a vehicle on the section of Creston Drive between Kestrel Lane and Tanager Lane can still do so until that revised start time. Updates, if needed, will appear here.


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