Creston Drive Blockage Tomorrow

Update @ 11:00 on July 12:

The latest estimate is that the excavator will being its travels between 6:30 and 6:45 AM tomorrow. The transit time might be closer to 3 hours, but vehicles should be able to get by the machine when it passes the roundabout and when it passes the swing. Stay tuned for possible further updates.

A large excavator will be driven up Creston Drive from its junction with Kestrel Lane to Tanager Lane starting as early as 6:00 AM tomorrow. The trek could take as long as a couple of hours, since the machine will have to be "planked" (driven atop wooden planks laid out in front of it by hand) to avoid damage to the road. The machine takes up almost the entire road width and it will thus be difficult, if not impossible, to pass it. It will not be driven onto a shoulder to allow vehicles to get by and other vehicles, likewise, should not use the shoulders as a means to do so.

Owners are encouraged to arrange their travel schedules accordingly and they should advise their contractors, visitors and/or delivery people of the blockage as well.

Once we have a more precise estimate of start time and/or duration of the trip up the mountain, this post will be updated, so check back here late today for the latest news.


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