Storm Damage Update

As of late yesterday, all roads in Creston are cleared of debris except at the two major damage sites, Creston Drive just beyond the Tanager Lane junction below the Swanberg home and Kestrel between the Bush/Augustine home and Ironwood. Both these sites will require major repair efforts and are currently - and until further notice - impassable

. The Board of Directors is meeting today to develop a plan for addressing these issues.

At the moment (7:00 AM), the skies are finally clear. It did not rain overnight and the long-range whether forecast shows no rain for a couple of days except for a possible random thunderstorm in the afternoons. Hopefully the soil will start to dry out and we won't have any more slides (knock on wood).

All electric power in Creston was lost last night and the most-recent prediction by Duke Power is that it may not return until 8:00 PM today. For this reason, this website's webcam and weather information links at the top of each page are not working.

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