Google Maps Updates

As many Creston owners have discovered, Google Maps has many errors regarding street addresses in the community; many lots are still associated with the original numbering plan before the county's adjustments several years ago. Consequently, visitors and delivery people often find themselves in an entirely wrong place when searching for a home by street number.

The Communications Committee is in the process of submitting corrections to Google. We have so far dealt with most of Creston Drive and Tanager. We will plod along as time and energy allow (it's very time consuming).

It can take Google several days to review and approve these changes, but at some point in the next week most, if not all, of the corrections should appear on line. At that point we will rely on individual owners to verify the accuracy of Googles maps and advise us at should we have missed any site or located it incorrectly.

We do not yet know how to efficiently offer corrections to the makers of GPS units (Garmin, TomTom, etc.); we will pursue that task at some point in the future. If it turns out to be laborious, we will defer to individual owners to correct their own information.

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