Bunyans at it Again

Two members of the Paul Bunyan sub group of the Maintenance Committee began the process of removing dead or other trees that pose a potential risk to Creston roads and vehicles traveling on them. Members Steve Swanberg and Marshall Fisher, with the help of Brian Shaw and Debbie Shaw (as traffic spotter) removed a total of 5 such trees today. There are another 4 or 5 that will be tackled in the coming days. The overall effort will save the community several hundred dollars in arborist fees for the same work.

Larger pieces of the trees that were taken down today have been left beside the roads temporarily in case any Creston homeowners wish to retrieve it for their use in wood-burning fireplaces or stoves. Anyone wishing to do so should know that they may need to bring a chain saw to cut some into smaller pieces. If no one retrieves the wood, then it will be discarded.

Locations of today's leftovers = Creston Drive across from the Peralta home, both sides of Creston Drive by the McLawhon and Tingley homes, on the driveway to T-25 (uphill from the McGill construction project, by the shared well) and part way down the Tanager Lane hill.


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