Interested in Rafting?

Dear Crestonites,

Wes and I have queried several of you about the idea of a rafting trip and heard back some very positive responses. We wanted to offer it to the larger Crestonite community to see who might be interested.

To express an interest please follow the link to Meetup:

Our idea was to do a local full day trip on the French Broad (Class I-IV) in July, in preparation for a bigger two day trip to the Gauley River in W.Va. in September (Class II-V). People might be interested in doing one or both, or maybe do the smaller trip now to decide if they're "up for" a bigger trip down the road.

The general characteristics of the French Broad would be a 9 mile sojourn on the French Broad, taking a total of 6 hrs (including 1/2-1hr lunch break). As mentioned, these would be mostly Class I-III, with a few Class IVs. It would run $70-$78pp, depending on which company we chose and we'd be looking to do this ~ July 12th-14th timeframe.

The latter trip would be sometime in September or early October and would involve a set-up in which large tents (4-6 person) and meals are all arranged and provided for by the rafting company. Depending on whether we did the Upper or Lower Gauley River, it would involve many Class IVs, and could include one or two Class Vs. I have done this several times in the past, and it is one of those "peak life experiences" that you'll definitely remember. It is extremely well run by truly professional rafting companies, but it is not a "beginners" course. More about that later...

To get everything arranged for mid-July, I'll have to get a near complete number of committed parties within a week. Let's put a deadline "Yea or Nay" by July 5th for a trip date of July 12th, 13th, or 14th. Respond to me at the e-mail site below.

Mike Tyler

14 Berry Lane

Black Mountain, NC 28711




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