Tragic accident in Black Mountain

Submitted by Nancy Quesenberry:

On February 27, 2017 around 7:00pm, my brother, Britten Olinger, was in a terrible car accident. He was hit by an erratic driver in Black Mountain, NC. Britten is currently in ICU at Mission Hospital Trauma Center in Asheville, NC. He severed his spinal cord at the C7/T1 vertebrae. He has fractures in his pelvis/lower back, he has a broken left arm, he has traumatic injury to his lungs, and he has a small brain bleed. He is currently sedated on a paralytic. My brother will never walk again. Britten has spent the last 10 years teaching athletes how to run. He has been a track and cross country coach for all of his adult life. He is currently coaching track at Montreat College in Black Mountain, NC. To say that my brother loves to run is an understatement. He has studied the art of running, he has mastered the technique, and he has supported numerous athletes in his coaching career. We have faith that God has a plan; there is a reason and Britten has the will. He is an inspiration to so many people. He is a true servant to God. His smile, oh man, his smile! His smile can light up the room and his laugh is contagious. He has the ability to make you feel important and he has the ability to make you feel needed. Britten's recovery will take over a year, and he will spend a considerable amount of time in ICU. To say he has a long road to recovery is an understatement; however, he has all the training to win the race. Did I mention he has a 10 month old baby girl? His daughter Kolbie is his whole world! Britten is married to Samantha Olinger of Virginia Beach, VA. They have a precious family of 3 dogs and a sweet baby girl. We are asking for your help. Please consider donating to help Britten win the race! He has been training his whole life, and God has placed the toughest road in front of him. I have complete faith my brother is strong enough, because he is #brittenstrong. The money will be used to support his wife, Samantha, and baby girl, Kolbie. It will be used to cover surgical costs, hospital bills, and travel expenses. The money will also be used to accommodate the requirements Britten will need with his injuries.

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