Hi Creston Neighbors,

Many of you participated in the Creston Winter Bowling League last year and some have asked if I would organize it again this year. To those of you new to the mountain here are the basics of how it worked last year and how it might again work this year:

  • This is a fun, scratch (no handicaps, other than advancing age and poor judgement) league, no cash prizes, no conscious violations of state or federal law. The 4-5 person teams changed membership weekly with couples bowling together as requested; there is no commitment to bowl every time... come when you want, when you can.

  • We may bowl every week or every couple of weeks for a few weeks (until the Spring weather nears)

  • We bowl at a small family run bowling alley in Marion (about 30 minutes away). They offer pub fare food, beer and wine. Nothing fancy.

  • Last year we bowled in the evening, about 6 PM, on a Wednesday night. I forget the cost at the moment but it was quite reasonable. We may bowl on a different night this year.

Coordination with the bowling alley requires some lead time. Last year they were very happy to work with us and I suspect they will be happy to welcome us back. I have not yet approached them about doing it again this year but hope to soon. The first step is to gauge the interest level of the community so I am hereby asking those who are interested (not a commitment) to let me know by next Wednesday 18 January. Please include how many in the household are interested. Based on this estimate I can enter into a dialogue with the bowling alley and try to nail down specifics about possible days of the week, fees etc.

Disclaimer: Caution, this is real, competitive, tenpin bowling. It is not your grandmother's Wii bowling (although there is nothing wrong with that). This is an athletic sport and you will burn calories (although with the food and beer it will probably be a net caloric gain). You will get to wear some pretty awesome looking shoes. You will have fun. You will, please, respond by next Wednesday. Thanks.



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