Roads update

From John Travers, who just drove into Creston from Black Mountain: Where there is shade there is ice. Creston otherwise very good. Ice on the Creston side of the new bridge on Crooked Creek Road. Route 9 in very good shape to Black Mountain.

From Bo Cribbs: Dario completed plowing all Creston roads on Saturday, but did not have time to spread ice melt. County roads are icy this morning. Dario says that it will likely be Monday morning before he can get back out to Creston to spread the ice melt. Creston roads have patchy ice where snow has melted and refrozen – please very careful if you do drive in the community. Residents should be aware that travel in the county will be hazardous at least through Monday morning. It is recommended that people stay off the roads unless they have an emergency.

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