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Simons' Halloween Party, 10/28/19

Here is a recap of our 2019 Halloween Costume Party results:


1. Most Politically Incorrect Costume:

1st place: John Hash as Environmental Change

2nd place: Becky & Kevin Huck as Bad People

3rd place: Art Brasch as a Monk


2. Best Famous Person Costume:

1st place: Brian Shaw as Winston Churchill

2nd place: Debbie Shaw as Queen Elizabeth II

3rd place: Lavern & Shirley group (Tracy Shoelson, Jan Waters, Alex Llera & Bruce Handfinger)


3. Scariest/Most Creepy Costume:

1st place: Wes Tyler as Witch Doctor

2nd place: Rose Simons as Skeleton Bride

3rd place: John Hash as Environmental Change


4. Most Creative Costume:

1st place: Paul & Lois Kolada as Creston's Great Wall

2nd place: Bev & Gerry Oxford as Ponce de León and the Fountain of Youth

3rd place: Bev Oxford as the Fountain of Youth


5. Best Female:

1st place: Sue Travers as Maleficent

2nd place: Jane Basford as Flamenco Dancer

3rd place: Bev Oxford as the Fountain of Youth

6. Best Male:

1st place: Howard Belfor as Dougal MacKenzie 

2nd place: John Simons as Seymore Graves

3rd place: Bobby Pecquet as Snak Charmer

7. Best Couple Costume:

1st place: Bobby & Pam Pecquet as Snake Charmer and the Copperhead

2nd place: Paul & Lois Kolada as Creston's Great Wall

3rd place: Brian & Debbie Shaw as Winston Churchill and Queen Elizabeth II

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