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Simons' Halloween Party, 10/28/17

Here is a recap of our 2017 Halloween Costume Party results:

1. Funniest Costume:

Winner: Pam & Bobby Picquet (crayfish)

2nd place (tie): Tom Bush & Marilyn Augustine (upper G I and lower GI) / John Simons (Garth Algar of Wayne’s World)


2. Most Transformative & Unrecognizable Person:

Winner: Jan Waters (Joan Crawford)

2nd place: Russ Spiller (Tree of Heaven)

3rd place: Sue Travers (Batwoman)


3. Best Imitation/Look-A-Like Costume:

Winner: Rose Simons (Bruno Mars)

2nd place: Wes and Mike Tyler (mimes)

3rd place: Jan Waters (Joan Crawford)


4. Scariest/Most Creepy Costume:

Winner: Steve Swanberg (voodoo man)

2nd place: Jane Basford/Swanberg (voodoo woman)

3rd place: Jan Waters (Joan Crawford)


5. Most Creative Costume:

Winner (tie): Alex Llera (knight)/ Bev and Gerry Oxford (fireflies)

3rd place (tie): Russ Spiller (Tree of Heaven) / Pam and Bobby Pecquet (crayfish) 


6. Best Couple Costume:

Winner:  Bev and Gerry Oxford (fireflies)

2nd place (tie): Wes and Mike Tyler (mimes) / Pam and Bobby Pecquet (crayfish) / Tom Bush and Marilyn Augustine (upper GI and lower GI)

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