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Brian was born in Portland, Maine, and except for 4 years defending America from foreign invaders as a photographer in the Air Force, lived almost all his life in Maine before moving to the Asheville area in 2008 to oversee our Creston home construction project.

Debbie was born in Blackpool, England, and came to America at age 3 when her father took a job in Massachusetts. Her family lived in the Boston suburbs of Woburn and Reading until foolishly moving to Maine to marry the dude mentioned in the preceeding paragraph.

Brian's career blah, blah, blah. Debbie's career blah, blah, blah.

We have lived in Creston since the completion of our home in September, 2009. We are active in the community on Communications and Maintenance Committees.

We moved to the area from Falmouth, Maine. We started building in 2007.

Brian Shaw
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