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Our Gateway to Paradise

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Hello Creston Neighbors! Your Creston Maintenance team does it’s best to keep the front and rear automated gates in good working order. Occasionally and sometimes not so occasionally there are malfunctions.

How can you help? Report any malfunction.

How to report a malfunction? It’s easy.

Send an email to Provide a brief description of the malfunction and the time and date of your report.

Many malfunctions occur after violent thunderstorms where there has been a lot of lightening in the area and/or a loss of power. This typically can be managed with a simple reset which can be performed by the Maintenance Committee. In some instances, we must contact our gate vendor to get their assistance or parts if something was damaged. This results in scheduling issues and, unfortunately a gate may have to be be left open until the repair is completed.

If power is lost, the gates are programmed to move to an open position. There are battery backups at both gates, but they provide only limited operational life to the gates, call boxes and EMS receivers for first responders. While batteries are monitored to ensure reliable operation, once the battery backup is depleted, gates will fail to an open position. This is true for both gates.

How does EMS get in?

Each gate is equipped with a special microphone device which is tuned to the squelch of an emergency siren. If used the gate will open responding to the event as though a valid entry is being made.

During emergencies the CERT navigation team will manually unlock the gate and NAV team members are positioned strategically to help guide the responders to the site where aid is needed.

So…. Remember the gate is our front door. If you see something which is out of the ordinary get in touch with COM COM to be sure your observation is registered and disseminated.


Howard Belfor on behalf of your Creston Maintenance team.

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