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Committee Volunteers !!

Updates and contact information for the Creston standing committees and their activities are below. If you are interested in participating in any of the committees please review the committee charters on the IPM Management – Creston homepage, and contact the committee chair(s) through the links below for more information.

Architectural Review Committee (Gerry Oxford)

The downturn of the economy over the past two years has somewhat slowed the receipt of new home projects for the Architectural Review Committee (ARC). However, we are beginning to see some “Spring thawing” in financial, labor, and materials constrictions that will result in new project submissions. Since the last newsletter we have 2 new formal submissions of home projects (a total of 5 are in process) and are in discussions with some new owners in preparation for additional submissions. We will have an opening for 1 new ARC member to be appointed by the Board for August 1. We encourage you to contact the ARC and/or the Board if you are interested in participating in this important committee.

CERT (Creston Emergency Response Team) Committee (Howard Belfor & John Travers)

Communications Committee (Bev Oxford)

As indicated in the above article by our ComCom web guru, Kara Moore, we are deep into a complete revision of the Creston Community website to make it more accessible, navigable, and helpful. We anticipate a launch of the website this Spring following Board approval. We’re excited!

Creston Connect Committee (Pam Pecquet & Cheri Dinsmore)

Landscape Committee (Sue Travers)

Maintenance Committee (Gary McGill & Tom Bush)

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