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The Property Owners’ Association (POA) employs IPM Corp. to manage certain functions for Creston.  Notably, IPM handles Creston finances to include billing and receipt of annual dues and any special assessments and is the repository for all official POA governing documents, meeting minutes, etc.

IPM hosts extensive information about the POA on its secure website:  You must activate your account and establish a password to access this information.  The Client Login button is located in the upper right hand corner of the IPM homepage. 

The documents that are accessible via the links below are copies of originals that have been deposited on IPM's website by the Creston POA Board of Directors. They are replicated here as a convenience to both owners and non-owners and can be viewed in your web browser or downloaded to your computer. While the copies stored here should be mirrors of the originals, we cannot guarantee that they always will be since changes might be made to a 'master' document without the knowledge of the web team. Therefore, if any information contained in any document found here is of critical importance to an owner, prospective owner, architect or builder, it is strongly recommended that you double-check by consulting the original on the management company's site (current owners only), your realtor (prospective buyers) or the Architectural Review Committee (ARC; any questions about design and building requirements).

ARC Docs

Architectural Review

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